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WELCOME to Frog Bridge Gymnastics! We have a passion for the sport of gymnastics  and ninja warrior training  and provide a great facility for cross training in the Northeastern area of Connecticut. Our founders, Diane Taylor Hirsch and Becky Hirsch Cleary, bring years of professional experience and a quality gymnastics  & ninja program, making Frog Bridge Gymnastics & Ninja an area magnet and a resource for those looking to maximize their physical potential and self esteem.

We offer programs for all ages (from as young as 18 months to adult). Throughout the year you will see your family members grow in strength and self-confidence and learn many new skills which will  carry over into outside activities at home, in school and in other sports. Our gymnastics and ninja programs are wonderful sports for your family. We hope you will join us in praising your child’s efforts and reinforcing their positive behaviors and actions. Remember… it takes a village to raise a child! (Our village helps support your children and we have beams, bars and warped walls for your children to gain balance and attain new heights!)

In order to help our business and programs run smoothly we would like you to review our policies and procedures. Please be sure to review the policies with your child as well as the important safety rules of gymnastics and ninja.

We can’t wait to see you in our FANTASTIC EAST BROOK MALL location complete with a ninja training center as well as a great variety of gymnastics equipment for recreational & competitive level athletes. 

Just a hop, flip and jump over the Frog Bridge!



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