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Ninja Training Center
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Ninja Warrior Classes

***We offer ongoing enrollment
with prorated tuition***

Lil' Ninjas: Parent/Tot Ninja & Gymnastics Ages 4-6 years

Young aspiring ninja warriors will have fun with strength and agility building ninja and gymnastics obstacles! During this 45 minute class, parents will assist their little one as they navigate through a variety of physical activities. 

Ninja Warrior Classes: Ages 7 +

Our specially designed Ninja Warrior Training obstacles and stations will help students  increase their strength, flexibility, speed, balance and over-all agility. New and beginner level ninjas will begin in our "Intro Ninja" classes and Intermediate & Advanced Ninjas will be in our "Ninja" Classes. Check out this exciting new program and train to be America's next Ninja Warrior!

Ninja Warrior Training Open Gym: Ages 14 years-adult & youth members enrolled in Ninja class

Use our new Ninja Training Center for a fun, unique work-out! We have a variety of obstacles ranging from challenging to ULTRA challenging appropriate for youth and adults. Children under 9 must be accompanied by an adult unless prior approval has been attained from our office staff. Times TBA

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