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Class Descriptions Below

Tadpoles: Parent/ Tot Program (2-3 1/2 years)

With one-on-one adult assistance, tots develop and increase gross motor skills by jumping, climbing, swinging and tumbling in a safe and stimulating gymnastics environment.

Little Leapers:  Preschool Program (3 1/2-5 yrs)

By encouraging children to move, explore, problem solve and socialize at a critical period in their development, we can promote a variety of physical and mental skills that will greatly improve future fitness.

Intro Frog Bridgers & Frog Bridgers: Gymnastics Program (5 + yrs)

These classes are for those who would like to progress through our sequential gymnastics program. It is required for new students to begin with "Intro" level classes or they may schedule a time to be evaluated if they would like to start in a more advanced "Frog Bridger" level class. Students ages 5-7 years should sign up for (Y) younger classes and ages 8 & up should sign up for (O) older classes. A unique cross-training option for all.  Check out our schedule for home school class times. 

Advanced Frog Bridgers: Gymnastics Program (6 + yrs)

These classes are for those athletes who have progressed through our sequential Frog Bridger gymnastics program and are ready for a longer, more challenging class. By permission, invite or evaluation only!

Lil' Ninjas: Parent/Tot Ninja & Gymnastics Ages 4-6 years

Young aspiring ninja warriors will have fun with strength and agility building ninja and gymnastics obstacles! During this 1 hour class, parents will assist their little one as they navigate through a variety of physical activities. 

Ninja Warrior Classes: Ages 7 +

Our specially designed Ninja Warrior Training obstacles and stations will help students  increase their strength, flexibility, speed, balance and over-all agility. New and beginner level ninjas will begin in our "Intro Ninja" classes and will progress through intermediate level "Ninja 1" classes and then Advanced Level "Ninja 2" classes. Check out this exciting new program and train to be America's next ninja warrior!

Cheer Tumbling: Ages 7 & up

Learn the basics through advanced tumbling skills needed for competitive cheer, from cartwheels to double fulls. Get strong and gain the strength and skills needed for back-handsprings and beyond! Group or private times available upon request.

Girls USAG & AAU Team 

Schedule and rates available upon request.   Team members train a minimum of 4 hours weekly up to 15 hours weekly with goals to compete USAG & or AAU Levels 2-10 and Xcel Bronze- Diamond throughout the state and regionally.  We have team programs available for ages 5 & up, with a great variety of commitment levels, supporting each team members participation in other interests and sports. If you're interested in becoming a member of the FBG team please contact us.

We have open enrollment so it's never too late to sign up!

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