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  • Please escort your child into and out of the facility.

  • Parents are responsible for supervising their own child before and after class.

  • No students shall enter the gym area until their class is called.

  • No physical activity, horseplay or running around is allowed in the waiting area/ East Brook Mall.

  • Only registered students and 1 parent of preschool class members are allowed in the gym- unless given prior approval by a director.

  • Students should avoid sugary snacks before or during class. A healthy snack such as fruits, veggies or nuts is always recommended! A full water bottle from home is recommended.

  • NEVER go on the equipment without instruction from your teacher.

  • NEVER attempt to try a new skill that you haven’t been instructed to do. Your teacher will let you know when you are ready for the next level.

  • If you are afraid of a skill or activity please let your teacher know so that they can help you.  You will never be forced into doing something that you are uncomfortable with. With proper instruction and help from your teacher you will most likely conquer your fears and do many things that you never thought you could!

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