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Policies & Procedures


  • After we have received your online registration, tuition fees, and have a new or current Emergency Medical Release Form on file (part of on-line registration procedure, then you(r) child may use our equipment.

  • You must pay for the full session prior to participation (pro-rated if you start in the middle). We offer split payments (monthly billing) if that is easier for you.

  •  WE ARE CURRENTLY ONLY ACCEPTING ONLINE REGISTRATIONS & CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. If you prefer to pay by cash or check please let us know by sending an email. 

  • 2-3 weeks before the session is over you must notify our office if your child plans to discontinue or move to a different class time so that we can enroll new students into their space. If you do not notify us at least 2-weeks in advance of the next session you will be automatically enrolled into the next session at the same time. You will be responsible for payment of the next session. Spring Session and Summer Session does not have automatic enrollment.

  • There is a 10% discount for additional family members tuition. 

  • If you have 3 or more children participating it is 10% off the second child’s tuition, 20% off the 3rd child’s tuition, 30% off the 4th child’s tuition,etc..


  • Students must be signed-in at the desk each day before beginning class. Parents will be responsible for signing in younger students. Team gymnasts and older students will be allowed to sign-in themselves. If we haven’t received a completed on-line registration/release form and payment your child will not be allowed to participate in class. In order to help prevent the spread of COVID, parents and spectators will currently be requested to remain outside of the gymnasium area after signing their child into class. The East Brook mall has great shopping opportunities and we will be offering parents a private live stream of the gym during classes.   


  • It is very important for your child to be ready to start class on time. If you are running late and get to class in the middle of a rotation (other than the warm-up and stretch time) than your child will have to wait until the group switches to the next apparatus before joining in. If you know you are running late please call us and let us know so that we can plan our classes accordingly.


  • If your child is sick or has a schedule conflict please notify us as soon as possible. Each student will be given 1 make-up class per session. Additional make-ups will be allowed during other class times only if there is extra space.

  • We will only allow make-ups if you have contacted us before your child has missed a class.

  • If we have cancelled classes due to weather and hazardous travel conditions we will attempt to reschedule the class during an open gym time. If that doesn’t work for you and we can’t find a different make-up time that works we will credit you that class towards the future.

  • There are times when the travel conditions are fine for our teachers and students living closer to the gym but not safe in other areas. In situations where we have not cancelled classes but roads are unsafe for travel in your area, please stay home. We would be happy to help you find a make-up time.


  • For girls in gymnastics a leotard or 1 piece bathing suit is required. Elastic-waistband shorts or sweats and a t-shirt may be worn in addition but it is not recommended. For boys elastic-waistband shorts or sweats and a t-shirt are required. Socks are optional but not recommended. Only special gymnastics shoes are allowed- usually only advanced gymnasts use these though. For boys and girls in ninja classes elastic-waistband shorts/sweats and a t-shirt are required and clean sneakers which have not been worn outside and have good tread are also required.

  • You may not wear clothes that restrict movement or clothes with belts, buckles, buttons or zippers. No dresses, jeans or overly baggy clothing. No tights with feet (only footless tights are allowed).

  • No jewelry or dangly earrings. Only studs will be allowed.

  • Hair should not fall into the students face. Long hair should be put up neatly. No knobby hair accessories (they will hurt when the athlete rolls).


  • Any student whose behavior compromises the safety of their self or any other student will be given a verbal warning or a time-out. If the student continues to behave in a way that compromises their safety or any other students safety or takes away from the quality of the class for other students we will either ask for the parent to provide 1:1 assistance (at their own expense) or to discontinue class.


  • Gymnastics for special needs students can be hugely beneficial. We find that with extra 1:1 assistance most special needs students can fit right in with their peers. We will do our best to help accommodate any child’s needs and find the best class fit for them. In some instances a class with other special needs students will be the best environment for them. We will require special needs students to provide their own 1:1 assistant and then we will adapt our program to meet their needs.


  • If you would like to attend an Open Gym  the fee will be $10 for 30 minutes and $15 for 60 minutes. UN-REGISTERED GUESTS MUST HAVE A SIGNED RELEASE FORM BEFORE PARTICIPATING!

  • Children Ages 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult. All Open Gym participants must use the equipment safely and adhere to all safety rules of the gym. Students must workout safely and responsibly and follow directions of the Open Gym staff members. Anyone who is deemed unsafe will be asked to leave.


  • Please escort your child into and out of the facility.

  • Parents are responsible for supervising their own child before and after class.

  • No students shall enter the gym area until their class is called.

  • No physical activity, horseplay or running around is allowed in the waiting area/ mall facility. 

  • Only registered students and 1 parent of preschool class members are allowed in the gym- unless given prior approval by a director.

  • Students should avoid sugary snacks before or during class. A healthy snack such as fruits, veggies or nuts is always recommended! A full water bottle from home is recommended.

  • NEVER go on the equipment without instruction from your teacher.

  • NEVER attempt to try a new skill that you haven’t been instructed to do. Your teacher will let you know when you are ready for the next level.

  • If you are afraid of a skill or activity please let your teacher know so that they can help you.  You will never be forced into doing something that you are uncomfortable with. With proper instruction and help from your teacher you will most likely conquer your fears and do many things that you never thought you could!

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